Application procedure

Foto: Maximilian von Lachner

Foto: Maximilian von Lachner

Join us! Apply for the study programme in photojournalism and documentary photography!

If you want to start studying with us in September 2021, you have until 15 March 2021 to submit your documents for the admissions exam. The application process is described below:

A. Submission of application documents for the admissions exam

Step 1

Create a digital folder in PDF format. It should contain three picture series, each with 10-20 photos respectively. At least one of the series should be a reportage. You may choose the genre of the other two. Compose 3-4 sentences to explain the topic of each series.

Step 2

Complete the application for permission to participate in the artistic admission process and the consent form for recording your data (attached here). Please print both documents, sign them and send them by post no later than 15 March 2021 to:

Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Faculty III, Dept. of Design and Media
Expo Plaza 2
30539 Hanover

Step 3

At, request a link to upload your documents. Upload your folder by 15 March 2021. Please ensure that you enter your full name and the study programme “photojournalism and documentary photography” in the name of the file.

B. Admissions exam

After we have gone through your application and folder, we will notify you by post whether you are permitted to attend our colloquium. Furthermore, you will also receive an assignment that you must complete and upload by 10 May 2021. The colloquium will take place between 17 May 2021 and 21 May 2021. You will meet fellow applicants and teachers from the study programmes (the board of examiners) and have a short interview with them.

C. Applying for a study place

Approx. four weeks after the colloquium, you will receive a letter including the number of points you have achieved in the admissions exam. If you have passed the admissions exam, you can apply for a study place. To apply for a study place, you must submit an application for admission to the Service Centre – Academic Affairs at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. By the end of June, you will receive notification of either acceptance or rejection.

Good luck!

Foto: Max von Lachner

Foto: Maximilian von Lachner

Frequently asked questions

Every year, we receive many enquiries about the selection process for studying in the photojournalism and documentary photography programme. Here are a few answers:

What are the prerequisites for study?

Unlike many other photography programmes in Germany, we do not require any preliminary internship. You only need proof of your advanced high-school diploma, vocational diploma or an equivalent and recognised school-leaving certificate. More information about the formal prerequisites for study, and particularly the required certificates and documents, is available here. If you received your educational qualifications in a foreign country, these must be examined for admission to higher education, regardless of your nationality. Please find out more here. Even if you do not have an advanced technical college certificate or an equivalent and recognised course of education, you can still study at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts under certain conditions. If this is the case with you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I have a chance of being accepted?

Of course! Our programme accepts 34 students every year. Although there are significantly more applicants than study places, everyone with a true passion for photography has a good chance. Pluck up your courage and send us your application folder!

How should the portfolio look?

We recommend that you take part in a portfolio guidance. Of course, it is possible to apply even if you do not attend a folder consultation. The folder should demonstrate that you are interested in the core profile of our programme: photojournalism and documentary photography. We would like to see at least three picture series in your application folder. By “picture series” we mean a reportage, photoessay or series. The folder should include at least one reportage, and it should tell a story about people in some way. The other picture series can also deal with architecture, portraits, landscapes and so on. However, it is always important to us that each project have a thematic framework. Depending on the scope of the topic, each of the three projects should comprise 10-20 photos respectively. Each project should be introduced in a text in which you present the topic in three to four sentences. Most applicants exclusively show photographs in their folders. However, video projects or drawings may also appear in your folder. Further formal application criteria are available here.

Foto: Michael Hauri

Foto: Michael Hauri

What criteria are important for my application?

We expect our aspiring students to have a real passion for storytelling via pictures. Moreover, we are looking for commitment, social competence and social interest. Enthusiasm for the medium of photography and the relationship between the applicant and the people portrayed in the photos take precedence over the technical implementation of the projects.

Who applies to study in Hanover?

Our applicants have many different prerequisites. Some come to us directly after completing their vocational school courses or advanced high-school diplomas. Others have already completed a training course, have professional experience, switch from other subject areas or have completed a different course of study. We see enormous potential in this diversity and are glad to see all the applicants who find their way to us.

How can I contact current students?

A selection of our students’ projects, as well as their contact information, is available here. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly with your questions.

How does the study programme proceed?

Information about our study programme is available here.

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